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Deliver sustainable, repeatable business improvements

We've joined forces with Euclides Coimbra, Managing Director of Kaizen Institute Western Europe, to deliver this fascinating look into the changing landscape of improvement and the role of KAIZEN™ as a competitive weapon in your journey to delivering a culture of improvement.

Join us as we discuss how companies are evolving their approach to improvement to deliver profitable, repeatable improvements that drive real profit. We address how we live in the new age of exponential growth systems and discuss how the fourth generation of KAIZEN™ aims to expand your operational excellence to business excellence.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the rules of the game are harder in the 2020s
  • Why most transformations fail
  • Why growth isn't always profitable
  • Why sustained high growth is hard
  • The benefits of using new digital tools to transform, run and improve your organization.





About Kaizen Institute

KAIZEN™ Institute helps leaders to achieve dreams of performance improvement and build a sustainable KAIZEN™ culture. They transfer their expertise and skills to deliver two digit result year-on-year. They work with clients such as Shell Energy, BMW, Continental, Bosch, Philips and Siemens