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Operations and Finance Departments spoke a different language leading to mismatched expectations and commitments.

Problem statement

Unable to demonstrate alignment of OpEx/CI activity and contribution to overall cost reduction and other targets to improve (TTI).

Root cause

No clear linkage between budget target, project activity, ownership and performance to target.

Software evaluation

SAS had embedded their method and now needed a solution to enable the method, outgrowing spreadsheets and MS SharePoint.

i-nexus was evaluated against several CI software vendors and was selected based on the conclusion that i-nexus offered best-in-class functionality.

“It was like our Operations team was from Venus and our Finance Department from Mars. We simply didn’t have a common language to frame CI activities in financial terms.”
Freddy Torres, Operational Excellence System Director, SAS Autosystemtechnik Verwaltung GmbH

Customer outcome

Demonstrate direct alignment between Opex/CI activity and contribution to improvement targets.

i-nexus solution focus

  • Common KPI definition between OpEx and Finance teams.
  • Standardized approach to OpEx/CI projects and activities.
  • Interactive Bowling Chart enables weekly reviews.
  • Automated management reporting cycles.

i-nexus benefits

  • Build understanding, transparency and accountability by linking CI activities with financial KPIs.
  • Measure CI results and relative contribution towards financial KPIs.
  • Standardize approach to Opex/CI projects and activities.
  • Gain real-time insight into activity performance to plan.
  • Track metrics in real-time to measure results against targets.
  • Provide broad visibility into progress and results through automated management reporting.

The relationship

“SAS and i-nexus have been partners for some time. And in that time i-nexus has worked tirelessly to deliver on our outcome, demonstrating clear value to SAS”

“Operations and Finance now have direct visibility into the alignment between CI project activity and financial results; fostering a culture of understanding, transparency, and ownership / accountability”
Freddy Torres, Operational Excellence System Director, SAS Autosystemtechnik Verwaltung GmbH


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