Providing one platform to unite global performance and Continuous Improvement initiatives...

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A leading global American  pharmaceutical.

As part of its reach, the organization produces medicines and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines.

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As a large, global organization, CI was challenging with:

  • No common platform to manage Continuous Improvement programs, share best practices, track progress and consolidate financials
  • Lack of visibility into project performance renders management unable to intervene early with underperforming projects
  • No clear linkage between strategy and performance improvement initiatives.
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The organization sought a solution which would address and resolve:

  • The need for one platform that would align all initiatives to the top line strategy, and provide clarity of performance to drive greater results.
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i-nexus' Continuous Improvement software has provided:

  • A common platform which aligns, mobilizes, and focuses thousands of employees around strategic objectives and performance improvement
  • Standardization of project delivery using best practices and 
    real-time project statuses allowing early intervention
  • Clear traceability between strategic objectives and performance improvement initiatives.

The key information

By the numbers

Projects: 6500

Users: 3000

Documents: 35k

“i-nexus showed a genuine understanding of the project.

I appreciate the work they’ve done on the Market Transformation.
Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Lead