Digitalizing catchball, X-Matrices and Bowling charts for greater alignment...

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A US based major global aerospace and defense company.

Their focus was to scale Hoshin into an enterprise capability shared by corporate and business units.

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As Hoshin Kanri grew in the business, so did these challenges:

  • Spreadsheets increasingly hard to share, read and understand
  • Ensuring traceability of business unit initiatives to corporate goals was difficult
  • Summarizing status at the corporate level was challenging.
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The organization sought a solution which would address and resolve:

  • The limitations of X-Matrix and Bowling Chart templates
  • An ineffective cascade of goals for accountability and cohesiveness
  • Clarity of performance at multiple levels across the organization in varying detail.
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i-nexus' Hoshin Kanri software has had a clear  impact for the business:

  • Effective strategic goal cascade to business units driving alignment
  • A set of consolidated business unit metrics feed into a single
    business-wide performance view
  • Reviews driven with automated reports to guarantee data completeness and accuracy.

By the numbers

Goals: 900

KPIs: 2800

Users: 400

Sites: 80

What they said

“I’ve done several other large implementations with other consultants and by far this was the most seamless transition I’ve been a part of. You were excellent to work with, and your responsiveness is something others should hope to achieve."

Continuous Improvement Team Lead