Universal Robots is a manufacturer of smaller flexible industrial collaborative robot arms, based in Odense, Denmark


No amount of spreadsheet gymnastics could tame our mature Hoshin Kanri process.

Problem statement

Incredibly challenging to manage multiple interconnected spreadsheet X-Matrices and Bowling Charts at both strategic and tactical levels.

Root cause

Spreadsheets cannot digitalize a complicated Hoshin Kanri methodology.


Software evaluation

Universal Robots researched four “dedicated” Hoshin Kanri solutions before evaluating two solutions including i-nexus.

Universal Robots selected i-nexus based on features, availability of services & support, and the speed of the deployment.

“We needed saving from spreadsheet hell. When you’re copying blocks of KPIs from one level to another, just to make a spreadsheet work, you know you’ve outgrown the humble spreadsheet.”
Mogens Saigal, Senior Director, Universal Robots A/S

Customer outcome

Demonstrate direct alignment between OpEx/CI activity and contribution to improvement targets.

i-nexus solution focus

  • Interactive planning using X-Matrix.
  • Performance reporting with Bowling Charts.
  • Root cause analysis and countermeasures for exception handling.
  • Automated monthly management reporting cycles.

i-nexus benefits

  • Maintain an X-Matrix multi dimensional planning view of strategic objectives, KPIs & targets, and activities/projects.
  • Update metrics through data entry and integration with third party systems.
  • Establish monthly reporting cycles
    with automated report generation.
  • Drive accountability and monitor progress toward targets through real-time performance tracking.
  • Bring underperformance back on track by determining root cause and implementing rapid countermeasures.

The relationship

“From day one, i-nexus approached their relationship with Universal Robots as business partners. They informed our thinking and delivered a solution that solved our challenge. Together we met our outcome.”
“i-nexus transformed our Hoshin Kanri method, replacing spreadsheets with a digital solution. Better still, i-nexus has enabled us to take the next evolutionary step beyond KPI reporting and towards building a stronger countermeasure culture.”
Mogens Saigal, Senior Director, Universal Robots A/S

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