Thyssenkrupp is a German multinational conglomerate with focus on industrial engineering and steel production


Great at improvement ideas, poor execution… at scale.

Problem statement

Lack of standardized approach to project management for CI activities.

Root cause

Lack of internal project management standards and controls across massively decentralized organization.

Software evaluation

Thyssenkrupp considered what they considered the best packaged solution - i-nexus - against an IT-built solution.

Thyssenkrupp selected i-nexus based on out-of-the-box features and the practical economics of “home-grown” solutions.

“We were experts in generating ideas but let ourselves down with poor execution. There were a number of reasons, all perfectly understandable with a company of our size and history.”
Dr. Georg Ziglier, Head of Business Excellence, Materials Services, Thyssenkrupp AG.

Customer outcome

Demonstrate direct alignment between OpEx/CI activity and contribution to improvement targets.

i-nexus solution focus

  • Common framework for project management across operating companies.
  • Standardized approach to measuring project benefits against targets.
  • Automated reports for project managers and portfolio-level reporting for executives.

i-nexus benefits

  • Drive standardized framework for project management and benefits tracking.
  • Gain real-time visibility into project performance through reporting.
  • Focus management attention on at risk projects with status reporting.
  • Track project benefits and contributions toward targets to improve.

The relationship

“i-nexus worked really closely with our team during configuration and deployment. That journey of discovery and learning was taken together and we benefited from i-nexus’ experience as we honed in on our ideal solution"

“Same process. Same language. Same reporting. We wanted to build a new organizational capability in basic project management and i-nexus has helped us to meet this goal.”
Dr. Georg Ziglier, Head of Business Excellence, Materials Services, Thyssenkrupp AG.

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