Flextronics is a leading global contract manufacturer offering integrated technology,supply chain and manufacturing solutions (Automotive & Healthcare Division).


Constant firefighting results in
delighted customers but prevents
focus on performance in global lean
production system.

Problem statement

Labour-intensive to align daily activity with performance targets across key business units.

Root cause

Operational and customer performance scorecards were managed in spreadsheets maintained separately by each business unit.

Software evaluation

i-nexus was evaluated against three leading enterprise project management tools.

i-nexus was selected based on its robust performance management capabilities in addition to comparable project management features.

i-nexus license costs were lower than
other vendors.

“Our teams were heroes driven by a single purpose – to delight our customers. At all costs. But firefighting came at a price and it became almost impossible to focus activities on performance in our lean manufacturing system.”
Steffan Oswald, Vice President Business Excellence, Flex Inc.

Customer outcome

Real-time standardized operational
performance management system that drives improved productivity.

i-nexus solution focus

  • Common metric framework across business units.
  • Standardized real-time performance scorecards by business unit.
  • Automated management reporting cycles.
  • Countermeasure process for exception handling.

i-nexus benefits

  • Enable consistent reporting and practices through standardized metrics and scorecards.
  • Increase focus on productivity by
    automating reporting, reinvesting time previously spent preparing reports.
  • Make timely informed decisions based on real-time performance insight.
  • Enhance productivity and performance by driving countermeasure and preventive
    action culture.

The relationship

“We have a great partnership with i-nexus beyond just a customer-vendor relationship. i-nexus is actively working with us as a business partner towards our outcome”

“With i-nexus we now have consistent scorecard reporting across an increasing number of business units, giving us real-time insight and the confidence we are investing in the right activities for growth.”
Steffan Oswald, Vice President Business Excellence, Flex Inc.

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