Data has never been more critical to business

Introducing the i-nexus Data Warehouse (IDW).

IDW gives you the keys to your i-nexus data universe so that you can deliver on ad hoc requirements for reporting, analytics and more.

With IDW, you are in control of extracting and manipulating your data using the BI and analytics tools your teams already use.

IDW opens a portal into your data and puts you firmly in the driving seat for future i-nexus data applications. 

Whether you need new reports that deliver executive insight or want to explore predictive analytics, IDW puts your data at your fingertips.
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Making the most of your data
IDW provides comprehensive on-demand extracts of your i-nexus data universe,including

• Objective, Project and Metric data sets
• Ideas and Opportunities
• Metric worksheet
• Journal entries

• Bowling Chart updates
• Workflow approvals
• Financials
• Scorecards
• i-nexus configuration

• User roles and profiles
• User utilization reports

Always-on access to your data

Fully-encrypted data service hosted in the i-nexus secure private cloud

Extensive scope of available i-nexus data

Pre-transformed and optimized for output



Aptiv i-nexus data warehouse customer


“We’re very pleased with the performance of the i-nexus Data
Warehouse. It opens up the wealth of i-nexus data for self service visualization, reporting, and interrogation using our existing BI tools. With IDW, the data heavy lifting is done, allowing us to focus on insights.”

Christopher Simpson, Director
EDS Global Advanced Manufacturing