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i-nexus strategy execution software helps you to align everyone and everything to your strategic plans, cutting admin down to size, and giving you the tools to achieve your goals with less effort

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Meet i-nexus

i-nexus simplifies how you manage your goals, keeping all strategic and operational work in perfect harmony.

After using the form to tell us how your challenges cover strategy execution, Hoshin Kanri, and/or operational excellence, here’s what your i-nexus demo will cover:




We’ll explore your challenges around strategic and operational work:

  • Your goals
  • Your organizational structure, methodologies, and processes
  • How you plan your goals
  • Resource management
  • Project execution
  • Performance management



With your challenges in mind, we’ll demo i-nexus taking you through:

  • Digitalizing your methodologies and processes
  • Tools that ensure an easier way to plan goals, execute projects, and track their delivery
  • Managing the work and people driving your goals
  • How our tools, like the x-matrix, scorecards, bowling chart, portfolios, projects, kanbans, and reporting suite address your pains



We’ll cover the benefits of i-nexus as the place to achieve your goals, including visibility of your portfolios, projects, metrics, and more, proving how i-nexus supports your peers to consolidate their tech, cut down reporting time, and be in control of everything that matters to their success.

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“i-nexus replaced our spreadsheet patchwork with a single solution that automated our process. Automating our manually-intensive process has led to productivity gains and the ability for the team to think strategically.”
Mahesh Shankar, Director Strategy
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“We were experts in generating ideas but let ourselves down with poor execution. We wanted the same process, same language, and same reporting. We wanted to build a new organizational capability in basic project management and i-nexus has helped us to meet this goal.”
Dr. Georg Ziglier, Head of Business Excellence
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"With i-nexus we now have consistent scorecard reporting across an increasing number of business units, giving us real-time insight and the confidence we are investing in the right activities for growth.”
Steffan Osswald, VP Business Excellence
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"i-nexus has enabled us to take the next evolutionary step beyond KPI reporting and towards building a stronger countermeasure culture.”
Mogens Saigal, Senior Director
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"i-nexus has enabled us to automate manual performance reporting and demonstrate traceability between strategic objectives and project delivery.”
Robert Kroon, Global Change Agent
"Thanks to i-nexus, Operations and Finance have direct visibility into the alignment of improvement project activity and financial results.”
Freddy Torres, Operational Excellence System Director
"The match between our strategy framework and the Hoshin basis of i-nexus as well as the reporting features, made us go for i-nexus as our strategy deployment tool.“
Knut Rosjorde, Chief Finance Officer
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The benefits of i-nexus

With i-nexus supporting you, you’ll experience strategy execution how it should be – with less effort, more goals achieved, and the insights needed to adapt to your environment

Two worlds together

Engaged teams

Realized potential

Raise confidence

React with pace

Optimize delivery

Digitalize your systems

A learning culture

Free valuable time

Sustain your performance

Manage by exceptions

Enhance your decisions

Remove the burden of patchwork technologies

i-nexus evolves your strategy execution beyond a patchwork of unrelated tools

The place for strategy execution

i-nexus integrates with the technology that matters to delivering your goals

Helping every part of the organization

No matter where you sit, i-nexus helps you achieve your goals


Achieve your goals


Orchestrate your plan


Keep your teams on track


Contribute strategic value


Realize the benefits

The i-nexus difference

i-nexus wraps around you

i-nexus wraps around how you want to deliver your goals. Languages, locations, products, processes. Exactly how you want it. All inside one solution.

Support for your journey

We use two decades of experience across strategy execution, hoshin kanri, lean, and project management to help you overcome your challenges, spot gaps, and accelerate success.

Integrate i-nexus

i-nexus acts as your single source of truth, connecting project management software, ERP, CRM, and other critical systems to give you a total view of what matters to achieving your goals.


i-nexus replaced our spreadsheet patchwork with a single solution that automated our process. Automating our manually-intensive process has led to productivity gains and the ability for the team to think strategically.




Mahesh Shankar, Director, Strategy, Wabtec Corporation

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