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Get a free demo of the i-nexus strategy execution platform

i-nexus is the strategy execution tool that strategy, operations, Lean, and transformation teams use to control the planning, executing, and tracking of strategic projects across units, divisions, and sites.

The one true source of strategy, i-nexus manages 1000s of goals, KPIs, and initiatives to help you close your strategy to execution gap, align teams, embed processes, and realize your goals.

Demo the undisputed view of strategy execution today.

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What's inside?

i-nexus gives you all you need to execute strategy:

  • Strategic planning
  • Goal-setting
  • Scenario planning
  • Portfolio, program, and project management
  • Process workflows
  • Idea management
  • Learning and development
  • Operational KPI scorecards
  • KPIs and countermeasures
  • Metric journals
  • Impact, benefit, and financial analysis
  • Strategic and operational reporting


What to expect

A 30-60 minute conversation about:

  • Your long-term goals, annual plans, and projects
  • The success rate of projects and the benefits seen
  • Who is involved in planning and delivery
  • The tools and processes you're using, including Lean, Kaizen, and project management
  • How you review progress, process, and reporting

You'll leave with:

  • Best practices for driving a strategy execution culture
  • Ideas on overcoming your challenges
  • A view of why digitalizing your coordination is crucial


Helping bridge the strategy to execution gap for two decades

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