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Hoshin Kanri software

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Demo i-nexus and see why we're at the heart of Lean, strategy, and continuous improvement teams delivering more breakthrough results.

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Rediscover your love of Hoshin Kanri 

More businesses than ever are turning to Hoshin Kanri. For many, it doesn't feel easy.

But here's the thing – it doesn't have to make your work harder, take longer, or be frustrating. With i-nexus, you have an undisputed view of Hoshin Kanri. 

Throughout product lines, business units, and portfolios, all the way down to improvement priorities and action plans, all things Hoshin are about to get easier for you.

Say goodbye to the days of trying, failing, and trying again with policy deployment. Meet i-nexus, the highly-configurable engine that's powering the most successful Hoshin adopters in the world.


What to expect

We’ll explore your challenges around the Hoshin system:

  • What you're trying to achieve - breakthroughs, annuals, and improvement priorities
  • What percentage of objectives and projects do you successfully deliver
  • How many business units are involved in planning, and how you plan together
  • How you're using the x-matrix today
  • The buy-in of your processes within your teams
  • How often you review progress, who owns the process, and how you build reports
  • How you use Lean, Kaizen, and project management tools

You'll leave with:

  • Advice on getting started 
  • The benefits of digitalizing your approach
  • How to drive a culture of execution through best practices
  • Why i-nexus creates clarity of plans and assurance of how your plans are performing
  • Ideas on overcoming common challenges across Hoshin Kanri, Lean, portfolio and project management, and balanced scorecard

Next steps

  • Fill out the form with contact details and what you'd like to discuss
  • We'll arrange a discovery call
  • See a demo of your business inside i-nexus
  • Get advice on getting everyone onboard with strategy execution software from an investment, culture, and process perspective
  • Trial i-nexus

Ready to experience life without spreadsheets, searching through emails, and precious time to execute your plan? 

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We’re helping these leaders deliver more breakthroughs





Book your Hoshin demo

See how i-nexus can help your organization deliver more of its goals as part of a successful Hoshin Kanri strategy execution experience. 

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The benefits of i-nexus

With i-nexus supporting you, you’ll experience Hoshin Kanri how it should be – exactly how your processes work but with less effort and more goals achieved.

Strategy and Ops together

Engaged teams

Realized potential

Raise confidence

Continuous strategy

Optimize delivery

Digitalize your Hoshin

A learning culture

Free valuable time

Sustain your performance

Manage by exceptions

Enhance your decisions

Remove the burden of patchwork technologies

i-nexus evolves your Hoshin Kanri strategy execution beyond a patchwork of unrelated tools

The place for strategy execution

i-nexus integrates with the technology that matters to delivering your breakthrough goals

Helping the whole organization to deliver breakthroughs

Whether in the Cx, middle management, Hoshin facilitator, LSS BB,  Finance, or shopfloor worker, you can rely on i-nexus


Achieve your goals


Orchestrate your plan


Keep your teams on track


Contribute strategic value


Realize the benefits

Hoshin Kanri is at our core

i-nexus wraps around you

i-nexus wraps around how you want to deliver your goals. Languages, locations, products, processes. Exactly how you want it. All inside one solution.

Support for your journey

We use two decades of experience in Hoshin Kanri - with proven paths to help your Lean and strategic goals, all to help you achieve more of your breakthrough goals in a predictable manner, time after time.

Integrate i-nexus

i-nexus is your single source of truth, connecting project management software, ERP, CRM, and other critical systems to give you a total view of what matters to achieving your goals.