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Learn to devise an effective strategy and turn your organization into an action-oriented company.

Every leader faces the challenge of delivering an effective strategy that keeps the entire organization aligned...

Many businesses struggle to turn their strategy into execution without compromising their economic and financial performance, and ultimately hinder their sustained growth in the long term.

In the first of our new webinar series, Charlie Sharman, co-author of Strat to Action and Advisor to the Board of Kaizen Institute, will show you how to prepare your business for achieving its goals in a post-COVID-19 world, covering:

  • The importance of focusing on process improvement
  • The role leaders play in creating commitment
  • How to promote accountability for success from your entire team
  • The method to identify key breakthrough strategic initiatives
  • Examples of breakthrough strategic initiatives from across the world 
  • How Hoshin Kanri can lead your organization to world-class performance

Watch the first in our Strat to Action series today


About the Strat to Action Webinar Series

Delivered by Kaizen Institutes' Charlie Sharman, co-Author of Strat to Action, this 3-part webinar series will help you to understand Hoshin’s potential in organizational transformation and growth year after year, and set your organization on track to achieve its full business potential. 

Charlie Sharman is co-author of Strat to Action and Advisor to the Board of Kaizen Institute, and has a 30+ year career spanning organizations such as Danaher and consulting for the world's most successful businesses.

His book, Strat to Action, describes the journey of a company over a three-year period, which evolves from poor performance to high levels of growth and profitability, using the KAIZEN™ Management Model and the Japanese concept of Hoshin Kanri.


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