Learn how to effectively deploy the goals central to your company's success in this 30 minute how-to webinar

50% of your strategic plan's value is found in the first year of its deployment, and that's why these four steps are crucial to maximizing your results, no matter the objective. 

Following on from our first webinar in the Strat to Action series: How To Find Breakthrough Initiatives, Charlie Sharman, co-Author of Strat to Action and Advisor to the Board of Kaizen Institute covers the critical thinking process and steps to follow to deploy your Breakthrough Initiatives in a post COVID-19 world, covering:

  • Breakthrough Objectives - Crystalizing the answer to 'what do we achieve in the next year?'
  • Improvement Priorities - Identifying the key processes which help deliver your annual Breakthrough Objectives
  • Targets To Improve - Statistical process control v measuring what the customer cares about re. your goals
  • Completing The X-Matrix - Points to remember 
  • Examples of Breakthrough Objectives, Improvement Priorities and Targets To Improve based on the QDCI framework
  • A checklist for each step of the deployment process
  • Advice on identifying the resources to deliver your objectives, realizing the value and blockers to your goals, and much more
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