Developing a sustainable culture of learning through countermeasures and action is closer than you think, thanks to this webinar

This webinar is the fourth and final session in our successful Strat to Action series.  Charlie Sharman, co-Author of Strat to Action and Advisor to the Board of Kaizen Institute discusses the importance of developing and sustaining a countermeasure culture in your Lean business systems, to ensure blockers are removed and process redesigns deliver the value you expect.

He covers topics such as:

    • What countermeasures are and why you should focus on short and long term priorities
    • The benefits of developing a countermeasure culture vs. operating BAU
    • The role of countermeasures in your Action Plans
    • The countermeasure toolkit, including 5 Whys and Pareto Charts 
    • Why you should review your Action Plans on a monthly basis
    • 10 points to consider throughout the countermeasure process
    • Why strategy deployment and daily management shouldn't be confused


Watch the final webinar in our Strat to Action series now!