Learn how to develop and sustain a countermeasure culture in this 30 minute how-to webinar

This webinar is the fourth and final session in our successful Strat to Action series.  Charlie Sharman, co-Author of Strat to Action and Advisor to the Board of Kaizen Institute discusses the importance of developing and sustaining a countermeasure culture to ensure the success of your strategy deployment.

He covers topics such as:

    • What countermeasures are and why you should focus on short and long term priorities
    • The benefits of developing a countermeasure culture vs. operating BAU
    • The role of countermeasures in your Action Plans
    • The countermeasure toolkit, including 5 Whys and Pareto Charts 
    • Why you should review your Action Plans on a monthly basis
    • 10 points to consider throughout the countermeasure process
    • Why strategy deployment and daily management shouldn't be confused


Watch the final webinar in our Strat to Action series now!