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Research from Gartner® shows that “as organizations transform into complex, ever-changing businesses ready to compete in the digital age, a successful strategy realization focus has become imperative.”

Read Gartner’s research ‘Leverage a Strategy Realization Office to Execute the Strategy’ to discover their recommendations on maturing the execution of strategic initiatives and the role a Strategy Realization Office plays in achieving your desired outcomes.

Calling audibles in challenging situations is understandable. And with the 2020s being the decade of change, we must consider new ways to live our strategies and embed a strategic mindset of goal alignment, performance visibility, and learning into our ecosystem.

The Strategy Realization Office (SRO) is a core part of a business agile, adaptive mindset which has quickly become our reality.

Read the Gartner® report ‘Leverage a Strategy Realization Office to Execute the Strategy’ to learn how executive leaders “seeking to mature the execution of strategic initiatives and continuously align them with the overall strategic intention and desired outcomes must: 

  • Identify the need for an SRO
  • Create a plan for addressing the scope of the SRO
  • Form SRO objectives relevant to creating a strategic mindset
  • Facilitate strategic tactics to close the cross-functional execution gap
  • Enhance portfolio analysis and investment decision making
  • Improve communication and change enablement to ensure adaptability
  • Practice effective program management to balance execution between achieving change and maintaining appropriate control"

Leverage a Strategy Realization Office to Execute the Strategy

17 June 2020, Joanne Kopcho et. al.

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