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According to Gartner, "Executive leaders need to adopt an agile and iterative approach to developing a strategy to enable their enterprises to respond quickly to new opportunities and threats, keeping pace with the speed of digital business"

Most organizations review their strategies on an annual basis and sometimes even less frequently. But to succeed in the fast-paced digital world, enterprises must respond to changes in market dynamics, customer expectations and competitive threats much quicker than that.

When your strategy is clearly defined, well-communicated and understood, it enables better decision-making across the business, ensuring you can move quickly and in the right direction.  Having a clearly defined strategy has never been more important to enable you to adapt at speed in today's digital world of business.

Read Gartner report: "Adopt an Iterative Approach to Define Strategy at the Speed of Digital Business"

You will learn how Executive leaders involved in enterprise strategic planning and execution can:
  • Adopt an iterative approach to create, review and update strategy
  • Use the observe, orient, decide and act (OODA) loop to create an iterative strategy approach to enable a fast response to new opportunities and threats as they emerge.
  • Establish dynamic feedback loops generated by formal or informal activities
  • Build into your strategic processes the ability to sense and respond to changes in the business context as they happen

Gartner, Adopt an Iterative Approach to Define Strategy at the Speed of Digital Business

13 August 2020, Ian Cox, Irving Tyler, Noah Rosenstein, Peter Skyttegaard

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