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Is it possible to drive Excellence in the decade where survival became the core focus of business? Or, can you overcome unforeseen obstacles and lead your organization as an agent of change?

Join us as we gather leaders from across operational excellence as we discuss change. Change in how we work, the targets we're set, and the need to change the ever-growing gap between operations and strategy.

Watch the on-demand recording that explores how COVID-19 impacted:

  • The historical challenges facing OPEX on continuous improvement
  • The way that we deliver capability and value in the face of these shifted challenges
  • The definition and management of the goals and targets that underpin improvement
  • The opportunities to disrupt our habits and ways of working
  • The mindset around growth & change within senior leadership, and
  • The role software is playing around embracing digitalization


About i-nexus

i-nexus provides strategy software to the world’s largest organizations that want to achieve more of their goals, with less effort, across strategy execution and operational excellence. More organizations are discovering that the same patchwork of technologies isn’t enough to overcome lost plans, errors, and the cost of poor execution.  

i-nexus strategy software simplifies how organizations achieve their goals with tools like the x-matrix, bowling chart, and kanbans, supported by a G2 award-winning team with over two decades of experience in Hoshin Kanri, Lean, and project management.  

Click below to watch the webinar on-demand today!