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Mastering Hoshin planning starts here

Is Hoshin Kanri too hard? Can it deliver the results that you need to completely transform the way your organization achieves its goal and takes every day as an opportunity to improve? And why is your policy deployment stuttering?

Download this guide to Hoshin Kanri today and explore 24 pages of insights and advice based on real-world examples and best practices from more than 40+ years of practitioner experience, covering:

  • How to turn your strategic plan into breakthrough and annual goals with clear KPIs, accountability, and action plans for success
  • How to gain a competitive advantage through using Hoshin Kanri
  • The seven steps of Hoshin Kanri planning and execution
  • How to master the x-matrix for transparent, connected planning.
  • Advice on optimizing your approaches to catchall and Hoshin Kanri through case studies from the likes of Danaher and Ingersoll Rand
  • The argument for digitalizing your x-matrix in strategy software

download your guide to Hoshin Kanri today!