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61% of your peers aren't delivering their strategies...are you?

But is it the quality of the plan, its execution, or the tools available which drive the gap between strategy and its execution?

This eBook explores the role of popular strategy execution methods, OKR, OGSM, and Hoshin Kanri, and whether it is these goal management frameworks that are causing organizations to miss their business-critical goals when their strategy delivery stutters.

What does OGSM mean? Which companies use OKR? When should you use Hoshin Kanri? Or, more importantly, what are the differences regarding strategy delivery?

Download this eBook today to discover the answers to these questions and much more, including:

  • OKR, OGSM, and Hoshin Kanri overviews
  • OKR, OGSM, and Hoshin Kanri processes explained
  • How to set OKRs, objectives, and breakthroughs
  • The benefits and challenges with OKR, OGSM, and Hoshin Kanri
  • The origins of OKR, OGSM, and Hoshin Kanri
  • Who uses OKRs, OGSM, and Hoshin Kanri?
  • Comparing and contrasting each method
  • Using catchball process with OKRs
  • Is there a better way to deliver your strategy?

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