Prepare for the New Year of your plan with these 6 steps for success

They say practice makes perfect, and with your reviewing your strategic plan and results, the same certainly applies.

But with a whirlwind of work ahead, we know things can slip through the cracks.

That's why we've created this simple 6 point checklist, designed to help you focus on what matters when it comes to reviewing your Hoshin plan. 

Use this one-page checklist for your Hoshin plan to:

  • Use your Bowling Chart and Metric A3s to identify what went well, what didn't, and your progress against your Annual Goals
  • Critically review your Hoshin toolkit and processes
  • Apply a catchall reflection to your progress, so that your employees are part of your review
  • Develop Hoshin Heroes to maintain the pace of your deployment, and do more of what worked last year!