No matter how mature your Hoshin, refining your approach is vital to maintaining enthusiasm and reaching your breakthroughs. The Strat to Action series helps with just that.

Join Charlie Sharman, co-Author of Strat to Action and Advisor to the Board of Kaizen Institute, as he guides you through a four-part Hoshin Kanri boxset, sharing his advice and best practice for succeeding with your policy deployment. 

From the beginning of the process - defining your breakthrough goals - through to embedding a culture of identifying bottlenecks and implementing Kaizen tools to overcome obstacles on the road to delivering improvement priorities, these 20-minute episodes are your companion through your Hoshin journey.

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Part One: Defining Breakthrough Goals 
Discover how you can focus your leadership team around defining the few critical goals which will transform your organization. 

Part Two: Deploying Breakthrough Goals
With your breakthroughs defined, learn the most effective way to manage resource, workload, schedules, and competing priorities as you go about using the x-matrix to deploy Hoshin.

Part Three: Measuring Hoshin Performance
How do you know the success of your deployment? Learn how a Bowling Chart and your KPIs can drive accountability and visibility of areas of weakness as you move through the plan.

Part Four: Root Causes, Countermeasures and Action Plans
Find out how to take Hoshin, Lean, and Kaizen principles to introduce Action Plans and countermeasures into your deployment to ensure constant organizational learning.

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By digitalizing how companies manage the strategic planning process, from developing robust strategic plans to overseeing their delivery and measuring results for data-driven decision making, i-nexus customers achieve breakthrough performance by delivering more strategic goals at pace.

From transformational initiatives across entire organizations to business unit-specific programs, i-nexus strategy execution software is the choice of leaders tasked with aligning people and results to business-critical goals.

About the Strat to Action Webinar Series
Delivered by Kaizen Institutes' Charlie Sharman, co-Author of Strat to Action, this 3-part webinar series will help you to understand Hoshin’s potential in organizational transformation and growth year after year, and set your organization on track to achieve its full business potential. 

Charlie Sharman is co-author of Strat to Action and Advisor to the Board of Kaizen Institute and has a 30+ year career spanning organizations such as Danaher and consulting for the world's most successful businesses.

His book, Strat to Action, describes the journey of a company over a three-year period, which evolves from poor performance to high levels of growth and profitability, using the KAIZEN™ Management Model and the Japanese concept of Hoshin Kanri.