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65% of initiatives require major behavior change - but are you supplying the best strategy system to deliver?*

In a world where change is constant, whirlwinds derail our teams, and firefighting today shapes our tomorrow, how do you provide your organization with the right tools and system to deliver the change your strategy craves?

This eBook explores the role of three different approaches - Management by Objectives / Planning (MBO / MBP), Covey's 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX), and Hoshin Kanri (Hoshin) - in building a robust strategy Execution system to change behaviors and create a routine. 

What are the 4 Disciplines of Execution and the role of WIGs? What are the steps in the process of Management by Objectives? Can you build a virtual Compelling Scorecard? What is the purpose of MBO? How does Hoshin Kanri create focus and engagement in your goals? And, more importantly, which elements should you have in your system? 

Download this eBook today to discover the answers to these questions and much more, including:

  • Management by Objectives, 4 Disciplines of Execution, and Hoshin Kanri overviews, processes, and tools explained
  • The origins, benefits, challenges, and tips for perfecting MBO, 4DX, and Hoshin Kanri
  • The need for Wildly Important Goals, Breakthrough Objectives, Action Plans, Compelling Scorecards, and more
  • Lead and Lagging Measures and the importance of focus
  • How to get your entire organization to not only care about your goals by making them their goals, but how to keep track of whether you're winning or losing with a simple score sheet
  • Whether 4DX, MBO or Hoshin are effective on their own
  • How you can combine the best elements of 4DX, MBO, and Hoshin Kanri to create positivity, focus, and results
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*Bain & Co., Results Delivery®: Busting Three Common Myths of Change Management, 2018


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