Delivering strategies has never been harder, but with i-nexus, you'll spend less time managing your plans and more succeeding

The world has greatly changed, but what has not is the appetite for more innovation, better customer experience, and leaders delivering on time, on budget, and above expectations. 

In this on-demand webinar on i-nexus' integrated Strategy Execution Management platform, you'll see the tools and capabilities that will empower you to drive improved, breakthrough performance, covering:

  • How i-nexus transforms portfolio planning with its multi-level, interconnected X-Matrix functionality
  • Insights on how to overcome typical planning, communication, and cultural issues such as aligning teams to your goals, resource prioritization and ensuring projects feed your breakthrough goals
  • Advice on planning out a fully-functional KPI tree
  • The suite of tools which give full visibility and tracking of your portfolio, from ideation to execution with the Bowling Chart
  • Digitalized problem solving and embedding a learning culture with countermeasure functionality, including automated root cause reporting 
  • Demonstrating the impact of your portfolio vs. forecast
  • How the platform supports business agility in this ever-changing local and global landscape using current, future, and archive views to plan without impacting your existing initiatives

universal robots strategy software i-nexus customer

“i-nexus transformed our Hoshin Kanri method, replacing spreadsheets with a digital solution. Better still, i-nexus has enabled us to take the next evolutionary step beyond KPI reporting and towards building a stronger countermeasure culture.”
Mogens Saigal, Senior Director
Universal Robots A/S

Watch on-demand to see how you too can improve your strategy execution like your peers at Axalta, Flex, Thyssenkrupp and Universal Robots.