Enabling a measurement and countermeasure culture

As global companies wrestle with complexity and meeting increasing customer expectations, the quest for operational excellence has never been more critical.

What was once a competitive advantage is now a table-stake.

Survival today hinges on establishing operational performance management as a core organizational capability engrained in culture and promoting rigorous discipline in planning, measurement and active performance management.

Introducing i-nexus Run, a cloud solution for performance management and daily management.

Embed operational excellence into your organization with i-nexus and start building the countermeasure culture of tomorrow.

With i-nexus, managing the performance of your day-to-day operations has never been easier, no matter where in the world your factories, distribution centers or other facilities are located.

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performance measurement

With i-nexus goals, metrics and targets are set providing a performance management framework.

With metrics either captured directly in i-nexus or collected from another system, actual performance is tracked against targets using scorecards, with early warning of non-performance through reporting and notifications.

Then when performance falls short, i-nexus enables teams to take swift action, performing root cause analysis to understand “why” then launch countermeasures designed to bring performance back on track.

The same performance reporting is then used to verify or check that the countermeasures were effective.


Key benefits

  • Ensure sustained operational performance to strategic goals
  • Enhance decision-making by improving accuracy and currency of performance data
  • Improve performance through exception reporting, timely root cause analysis and countermeasures
  • Increase agility by responding sooner to real-time performance reporting
  • Reduce effort preparing and managing performance reporting by establishing a “single source of truth”.

Key capabilities

  • Performance Measurement - Set performance metric targets and track performance with operational scorecards
  • Metric Capture - Update metrics through data entry and integration with third party systems
  • Reporting Cadence - Establish monthly reporting cycles with automated report generation
  • Root Cause Analysis & Countermeasures - Bring underperformance back on track by determining root cause and implementing rapid corrective action
  • Governance & Compliance - Promote and enforce standardization and consistency in metric definition, management reporting cycles and operational workflows.

flex operational performance management software i-nexus customer

“With i-nexus we now have consistent scorecard reporting across an increasing number of business units, giving us real-time insight and the confidence we are investing in the right activities for growth.”

Stefan Osswald, Vice President Business Excellence
Flex Inc.