Harness the power of breakthrough management

Breakthrough management is at the heart of business systems at the world’s best-performing organizations.

Organizations that adopt breakthrough management consistently outperform their peers.

Also known as Hoshin Kanri, Policy Deployment, Goal Deployment and Strategy Deployment, breakthrough management helps your business drive short-term activity based on your longer-term goals.

i-nexus Transform is the market-leading breakthrough management solution, taking the “heavy lifting” out of strategy deployment and helping global leaders to implement, scale and sustain their breakthrough management method.

Whatever the stage of your transformation journey, i-nexus has a tailor-made solution for you. 

With i-nexus Transform, organizations realize the business benefits of successfully executing to strategic goals faster and with less effort.

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i-nexus Transform follows the industry-recognized seven step process for breakthrough management.

At each step, i-nexus replaces spreadsheets, presentations and hallway discussion with a secure collaborative cloud solution:

  1. Set your company’s True North, its long-term vision for the future - where do you want the business to be and what will it look like?
  2. These are 3-5 year objectives driven by your vision which cannot be reached without significant change in product, processes or people
  3. Here you set annual objectives to support each breakthrough objective, with focus, accountability and clear metrics key details to be agreed
  4. The Catchball process ensures all accountable owners of objectives understand their role, required resources and consult their teams
  5. Having defined objectives and projects to achieve these targets, this is where your business executes the defined activity
  6. Monthly reviews check where the plan is off track, with countermeasures to correct this, and quarterly reviews asking if the projects remain the right ones to achieve the annual objectives
  7. Yearly performance reviews are held including breakthrough objectives with adjustments made before the process begins again

Key benefits

  • Align short-term annual goals with multi-year breakthrough objectives
  • Drive accountability by ensuring shop floor activities are aligned ultimately to top floor annual strategic goals through a “catchball” goal cascade
  • Raise confidence in the ability to execute to strategic goals
  • Drive one-off multi-dimensional transformation programs and ongoing strategy deployment processes

Key capabilities

  • Goal Deployment - Define clear, measurable breakthrough and annual goals that are readily cascaded across and down through the organization
  • X-Matrix - Explore a multi-dimensional planning view of strategy, goals, projects and metrics
  • Portfolio Management - Identify and execute a balanced, optimized project portfolio that aligns with, and delivers on, strategic goals
  • Impact Analysis & Benefits Tracking - Drive accountability and monitor progress toward strategic goals through real-time impact and benefit realization tracking
  • Planning Cycles – Execute this year’s plan in parallel with planning for next year
  • Project Management – Create, plan and manage projects using templates for fast replication
  • Reporting Cycles - Establish monthly reporting cadence with automated reports for stakeholders (including Bowling Charts)

universal robots strategy software i-nexus customer

“i-nexus transformed our Hoshin Kanri method, replacing spreadsheets with a digital solution. Better still, i-nexus has enabled us to take the next evolutionary step beyond KPI reporting and towards building a stronger countermeasure culture.”

Mogens Saigal, Senior Director
Universal Robots A/S