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Where do you begin with value stream management? Is it the map, is it the agenda of the session, or is it something else? 

Value stream mapping finds its origins in Toyota's Production System, builds on the Lean concept of Muda (waste), and involves many post-it notes, A3 sheets of paper, and discussions. 

But what does that mean?

We know you're tired of seeking practical advice on value stream maps. 

That's why we've created our value stream mapping exercise eBook. It takes more than textbooks to make the value flow throughout your organization's processes, and that's what this guide looks to tackle.

Download this eBook today to get our guide on the mapping process and turning the challenges you identified in your current state and capitalizing on them via improvement projects designed to help you (and your customers) reach a better, more delightful future.

Inside you'll find

  • The origins of value streams (Toyota, Nissan, and Knoeppel)
  • The three different types of maps
  • Example value stream maps, with accompanying explanations to interpret
  • A guide to the different icons you'll find on a Value Stream Map
  • The difference between information and production flow
  • Three reasons to identify, map, and manage your streams
  • The subtle differences between your current and future state maps, including what they are, how to create them, and who needs to be involved in the process
  • Value stream mapping (VSM) commonly asked questions, such as the tools you need to create one and the differences between a process map, and
  • Why VSMs are important, their benefits, their challenges, and why you should create your very own, whether you're in a manufacturing organization or not.


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