Continuous Improvement


Continuous Improvement in 2020 & Beyond 

Watch this webinar to hear from Kaizen Institute and i-nexus about the future of Continous Improvement and:

  • Why the rules of the game are harder in 2020
  • Why most transformations fail
  • Why growth isn't always profitable
  • Why sustained high growth is hard
  • The benefits of using new digital tools to transform, run and improve your organization
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Hoshin Kanri


Identifying Breakthrough Initiatives 

Watch this webinar to identify breakthrough initiatives that create a step change in your business, covering:

  • The role leaders play in creating organizational commitment
  • How to promote accountability across your organization
  • The method for identifying Breakthrough Initiatives
  • Examples of Breakthrough Initiatives from over 30 years of experience from across the world 
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Hoshin Kanri

Deploying Breakthrough Initiatives

Deploying Breakthrough Initiatives 

Watch this webinar to learn how to deploy the breakthrough initiatives central to your success, covering:

  • An overview of annual objectives, improvement priorities, targets to improve and the x-matrix
  • Checklists for each step of the process
  • How to identify the resources needed for your plan
  • Examples and advice along each step of the deployment journey to maximize your results
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Hoshin Kanri

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Measuring Breakthrough Initiatives 

Watch this webinar to learn how to measure and effectively review your business' breakthrough initiatives, covering:

  • Creating an Action Plan 
  • Advice on Value Stream Mapping 
  • Building out your Bowling Chart
  • Targets to improve - How to roll out your goals and track whether you are on plan
  • Countermeasure overview

Hoshin Kanri x Continuous Improvement

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Creating a Countermeasure Culture 

Watch this webinar to learn how to embed a countermeasure, learning culture to underpin change in business, covering:

  • The role of countermeasures and benefits of a learning culture vs. operating BAU
  • The countermeasure toolkit, including 5 Whys and Pareto Charts 
  • Daily management vs continuous improvement
  • The 10 point countermeasure process