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James D

76% of the CXO are being forced to adjust their strategies.* COVID-19 has amplified this need. But where do they begin?

Traditional planning relies on a degree of certainty. A framework of repeatable, effective tools. But in the era of “no normal”, uncertainty and volatility reign.

In this on-demand webinar, we explore why the strategic planning process needs to change, how it can be adapted to meet the challenges of the 2020s & beyond, and the supporting role of technology.

“To increase their odds of success in today’s turbulent environment, leading companies are complementing their traditional annual strategy-setting process with something more dynamic.”
Kachaner & Kunnas, BCG

Join i-nexus EVP of Product, James Davies, as he takes you on a journey through the development of strategic planning and how senior leaders can effectively prepare and transform the planning process ready for the decade of increasing certainty.

Register today to learn: 

  • Why adaptive strategy is needed to ensure your business can be responsive to the pace of change
  • What we can learn from BCG's Always-on Strategy, Agile, Gartner's Adaptive Strategy and the Scaled Agile Framework
  • The role of strategic sprints, delivery cycles, planning cycles and planning horizons in addressing environmental volatility
  • Core concepts including Minimum Viable Strategy, Continuous Strategic Review, Issue Management and Environment Scanning
  • The role of automation in facilitating planning, performance reviews and focusing strategic management on delivery issues and risk
  • An example of a hybrid adaptive strategy model, and
  • How technology can support your adoption of Adaptive Strategy
Register today to watch this on-demand webinar and ensure you are prepared for the "no normal" of strategic planning!


*Can your strategy pivot faster than the speed of change? Ernst & Young Parthenon

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