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70% of businesses that align the PMO to corporate strategy, coordinate organization-wide projects, and adapt to constant change have processes to mature their existing practices.*

When we look at the qualities of those businesses - strategic goal alignment, coordinated management of projects, and adaptability - it offers a clear list of qualities to assess your approach. And when we dig deeper, we find clear answers as to why our projects fail.

Traditional project and portfolio management practices are falling by the wayside at a time when every effort must contribute and deliver value that supports our strategic goals.

Managing projects in a silo - be that data, processes, or templates - away from other mission-critical efforts in transformation and strategy is putting your projects on the back foot.

Download this eBook today to take a fresh look at what is causing your projects to miss their milestones, deliver a fraction of the expected benefits, and why it's so difficult to get everyone on the same page with your toolkit.

Inside you'll find answers to maturing your PMO and overall approach to managing projects and portfolios, including:

  • The scale of the problem with project and portfolio management in the 2020s
  • Why it's difficult to align your projects to corporate strategic goals
  • A refresher on project management and the benefits of rethinking our approach to creating project charters
  • 3 reasons projects fail when coordinating them across your business, and
  • 6 ideas to strengthen your project, program, and portfolio management

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*Project Management Institute

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